The chain of sowing Duyen Bridge - Bo Mao bridge, Chin Thai bridge - Narrow The Gap Community Program
The project "Chain of Sowing Duyen Bridge - Bo Mao Bridge, Chin Thai Bridge" was proposed by the Organization of the Community-Community of Vu-Vophongnam Cvovs with the desire to successfully build a concrete bridge (23m long, 2.2m wide, heavy 2 tons) on Ong Chin Thai canal and a concrete bridge (28m long, 2.2m wide, weighing 2 tons) on Bo Mao canal belonging to Tan Hiep - Tan Buu - Tan Hoa hamlet, Tan Hung commune, Cai Nuoc district, Ca Mau province quickly.

It is expected that when the 2 bridges of Mo Mao and Chin Thai bridges are put into use, they will support direct transportation for 500 households with about 2,000 people. In addition, the two bridges will also play an important role in the traffic patterns of the surrounding areas and facilitate the development of economic, cultural, and informational activities.

Residential communities in the area of the bridge construction and around Bo Mao, Tan Hiep inter-hamlet - Mo Mao, Tan Hoa, Tan Hung commune, Cai Nuoc district, Ca Mau province.

  1. People in Tan Hung commune will be happy to travel through 2 concrete bridges made by the project and at the same time the entire commune road will be connected 100%: 100% of the population in the commune will benefit from the project. .
  2. People in the neighboring communes will also wish to go on these two concrete bridges of the project: 50% of the people in the neighboring communes will also benefit from the project.
  3. 100% of these households will increase their income when having a concrete bridge: Income of the households before and after the construction of the bridge

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