Room for psychological counseling in Binh Trieu - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization overview:
- Name: Friend for Street Children
- Established year: 1984
- Address: 140/4 Vo Thi Sau Street, Ward 8, District 3, HCM City
- Representative: Le Thi Thao
- Title: Dicrector
2. Project scopes:
- Location: Binh Trieu Center, 30b / 1 Road No. 12, Highway 13, Hiep Binh Chanh, HCM City
- Time: 30/5/2018 - 30/5/2019
- To achieve SDGs:
+ Goal 3: Good health and well-being
3. Target community / beneficiaries:
Students and Teachers
4. Target community / beneficiaries challenges:
- Many children are orphans, with extremely difficult circumstances in broken families, low-income immigrant parents, and many other circumstances.
- Children often face mulitiple trauma, mental crisis or concerns and worries without someone to share and resolve with.
- Although the school has been established for a long time, there is no specialized school psychology counseling room.
- FFSC and the center also face common challenges to meet the Ministry of Education's regulations aimed at creating a safe and developing environment for children.
1. Initiative proposal:
The project aims to support the construction of Binh Trieu Promotion Center of a school psychology consultation room, in conjunction with the consulting and We Link education company to invite specialists to perform psychological counseling for the children.
The total number of children studying here fluctuates at nearly 400 students. At the same time, the project also accompanies 27 children at Binh Trieu shelters and more than 50 children receiving scholarships from FFSC managed by the center.
On the management side, the center faces the challenge of innovating and improving the quality of providing educational services for disadvantaged children as required by the state. For example, Circular No. 33/2017 / TT-BLDTBXH dated December 29, 2017, requires social protection institutions to have psychological counselors, as well as other provisions related to psychological counseling. More profound is the support of a real need and the lack of attention of children in terms of mental health development. For nearly 25 years, the center has not had a psychological counselor to assist with concerns and crises. The project hopes that in the new school year 2018 - 2019, the consultation room will be ready to welcome children who need to share and thereby also assist their teachers and caregivers to better understand them. Creating positive child behavior and create a comprehensive, safe, and quality education and caring environment for them.

2. Long-term goals:
- The long-term goal that the project wants to aim for is to improve the mental health and social situation of the students studying at the Binh Trieu Center, the scholarship group, and the children living in the Binh Trieu Shelter. This is the basis for adding value-of-life programs to improve their internal strengths so that they have a good foundation of social and psychological skills to cope with life challenges in the future. That is the real purpose of education.
3. Short-term goals
- Solve urgent school psychology problems at the center and home
- Behavior change support for children participating in counseling within 5-7 working sessions (on average)
- Proposing the school the necessary changes, the simplest, most suitable with medium resources mind to improve educational efficiency for children in the school year 2018 - 2019.

4. Expectation outcomes/changes:
Build and put into operation 1 psychological counseling room for the students
Dinh Nguyen Thien An - Project operation manager: 5 years of experience working for NPO on project operation

Ngo Minh Uy - Professional Manager: Director of We Link educational consulting company, Master of psychology in Thailand.

Sr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Lan - Implementation manager at center: Master of Formative Counseling in Philippines

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