Rent operations office for the group - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization overview:
- Name: My Future Group of Teenagers with Intellectual Disabilities
- Established year: 01/01/2009
- Address: 45/20 Nguyen Van Dau, Ward 6, Binh Thanh District, City. HCM City
- Representative: Nguyen Thi Thu Ha
- Title: Leader
2. Project scopes:
- Time: 1/5/2014 - 1/5/2015
- Location:
3. Target community / beneficiaries:
- Currently group members and supporters are scattered across Binh Thanh District, Tan Binh District, 7, 10, 11, Ho Chi Minh City. We had a hard time moving around the city within 3 hours each morning to pick up and help our children.
- The number of people benefiting from this project is as follows:
- Teenagers with intellectual disabilities: 13 children
- Parents: 15 people
- Teacher: 2 people and volunteers: 3-5 people
4. Target communities / beneficiaries challenges:
- The group can only operate 3 hours / morning. Parents take care of the child's transportation and cannot do anything else. So parents are under pressure about this. They also have too little time building up an existing skill and learning a new one.
- Because the group only works for days, we cannot maintain good teachers and social workers
- We are unable to invite other children with intellectual disabilities to join the group because their parents cannot pick up the child for a few hours.
1. Initiative proposal:
Currently the group has no headquarters, but we are still working very hard to organize activities 5 mornings / week. Activities include:
- Strengthen self-care skills: learn to brush teeth, bathe, brush hair, tie hair, fold clothes, use a washing machine, choose clothes to wear, etc. (done in parks and at home)
-Develop communication skills: Make friends, learn to introduce yourself, tell stories, sing, play, etc. (implemented at Le Van Tam Park and thanks to the DRD project's location on Hoa Hung Street, District 10)
-Work, receive wages, and buy favorite things: children now make incense (thanks to a parent's house in Binh Thanh District)
-Other activities: practice using money, going to the market to buy food, practicing cooking, learning martial arts at Ly Thuong Kiet gymnasium in District 10, going to Le Van Tam Park, District 1
2. Goals: So that the group can work full-time on weekdays to keep the group stable, improve the quality of the group's activities, and possibly invite other students with intellectual disabilities to join the group.
- Full-time participants and supporters: 13 children with intellectual disabilities, 2 teachers.
- Part-time volunteer support: 15 parents and 5 volunteers.

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