Theater Fairy - Narrow The Gap Community Program
🔹 Mission: The mission of CLB is to become a sponsor organization for children through providing knowledge and spiritual support for children who are currently staying in shelters and hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City.
🔹 Project implementation period: October 1, 2018 - October 1, 2019
🔹 Needs/Challenges of Beneficiary Community: From the time the CLB Khoe Be Ngoan Club taught at hospitals and shelters, the project realized that the patients and their family members lacked a real source of entertainment because they have to be in the patient room for a long time: they are in bed every day, only exposed to medicine, they are easily depressed psychologically from boredom, especially at a young age. The age of playing develops through exposure and exploring the world.
* 100% of pediatric patients feel comfortable, happy, excited and forget about illness after every show

* 80% of the patients responded and understood the message the theater sent through each screening,

* 70% of children practice lessons taught in daily communication

* 90% of pediatric relatives feel happier, reduced anxiety

* Increase of 5% in the audience to attend each performance, receiving the attention from the children's family

* 100% CTV energetic, excited and attached to the program

* 80% of CTV improve communication skills, teamwork skills.

* 200 children and parents' families participate in the project activities at Children's Hospital 1, Department of Oncology - Children's Hospital 2, Beautiful Diamond Center, Gary Shelter

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