Theater Fairy - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization introduction
- Name: Be Khoe Be Ngoan Volunteer Club
- Established year:
- Address: 127 Hong Bang, Ward 11, District 5, HCMC
- Representative: Hoàng Thị Minh Hằng
- Title: Owner of Project

2. Project proposal:
- Location: Children's Hospital 1, Children's Hospital 2, Beautiful Diamond Center (TT XTT) and Gary Shelter
- Implementation period: 1/10/2018 - 1/10/2019
- To achieve SDGs:
+ Goal 3: Good health and well-being

Project Beneficiaries:
- Pediatric patients and their relatives staying at Pediatric Hospital 1, Pediatric Oncology Department 2, Gary Shelter (Thu Duc) and beautiful Diamond Center (District 12)
- Collaborators involved in the project
- Hospital and home are deployed

Challenges in the beneficiary community:
Over time teaching in hospitals and shelters Be Khoe Be Ngoan Club found that the children and their family members lacked a real source of entertainment. Because of lengthy inpatient treatment, children lay in bed all day receiving medicine and treatment. Thus, they easily develop feelings of boredom and depression. At this age, children develop through contact, exploration of the world, eating and playing. 

Project activities:
Organize theatrical performances to educate and inspire children receiving medical care in Ho Chi Minh City shelters and hospitals, as well as to provide them joy and hours of enjoyment. 
Long-term goal:
Provide knowledge and mental support for pediatric patients in the shelters and hospital within Ho Chi Minh City.

Short-term goal:
- 100% of children are comfortable, happy, excited, and helps them to forget about their illness after each show
- 80% of children respond to and understand the message that the theater sends through each screening,
- 70% of children practice lessons taught in daily behavioral communication
- 90% of relatives of pediatric patients feel happier and reduce anxiety
- 5% increase in audience attendance for each show, receiving attention from the children's families
- 100% of the staff are enthusiastic, excited and attached to the program
- 80% of the collaborators have improved communication skills, teamwork skills.
- 200 children and their family members participate in project activities at Children's Hospital 1, Oncology Department - Children's Hospital 2, Beautiful Diamond Center, Gary Shelter

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