Quality education for core officers - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization introduction
Name: Deaf Community Organization Ho Chi Minh City
Year of establishment: 2009
Address: Ho Chi Minh City
Vision: Bring about civility, fairness, and equality for the Deaf-Mute community. Support all aspects of life related to the lives of the Deaf-Mute community free of charge.
Mission: DCOH is the first organization in Vietnam operated, managed, and headed by a deaf-mute person.
- Connect, gather, and develop the community;
- Develop holistic education to equip deaf-mute members with knowledge and social awareness.
- Actively support all issues related to the life of the organization’s members.
Representative: Ms Phạm Cao Phương Thảo
Position: Project Manager

2. Project proposal:
Location: TP.HCM
Implementation period: 1 Oct 2021 - 1 Aug 2022
Issue focus:
- SDG 4: Quality education
- SDG 1: No poverty
- SDG 3: Good health and well-being

Project Beneficiaries:
280 Speech & Hearing Impaired people living in HCM City, primarily migrants, homeless people, and orphaned children.

Challenges in the beneficiary community:
- Orphaned children lacking love.
- Lack of material needs and daily activities knowledge.
- Insufficient orientation.
- Prejudice, isolation, violence, language conflict with the outside world, needing interpreters, being denied the right to voice their opinions and to their jobs.
- Lack of knowledge of how to care for, treat, communicate with, and fighting for the rights of peech & hearing impaired people.

Project activities:
An Vietnamese expert in sign language will train and provide quality education for 10 core officers in law, environment, ethics, health, gender violence mitigation, and life skills using active sign language teaching methods. Through training sessions, the core officers will film and promote their knowledge and carry out field trips to disseminate knowledge to other provinces for Deaf-Mute people.
Long term goal:
- A group of instructors with teaching abilities in sign language after the project.
- Helps Speech and hearing impaired members participate in community integration projects, protect their own rights and represent themselves in society, open their minds and gain equality.

Short term goal:
- Create an opportunity to study law and practical life skills for 10 core officers.
- Train 10 core officers in analyzing sign language techniques, public sign language skills, field teaching skills so that our core officers can relay their lessons effectively.
- The Community of Speech and Hearing Impaired in HCM City and other provinces can access lessons about the law and life skills through lesson videos from core officers that are uploaded on social media after each session.

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