Psychological support for children being treated burns units- orthopedics - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization overview:
- Name: The happier social workgroup
- Established year: 2010
- Address: 341 Su Van Hanh, Ward 10, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City
- Representative: Pham Thi Yen Trinh
- Title: Manager
2. Project scopes:
- Location: Children's Hospital 1, HCMC
- Time: 31/10/2017 - 31/7/2018
- To achieve SDGs:
3. Target community / beneficiaries:
The pediatric patient and relatives of the pediatric patient, who are both psychologically affected. 350 Pediatric patients and 150 relatives of pediatric patients in the Orthopedics and Burns Department and the Pediatric Health Care Staff.
4. Target communities / beneficiaries challenges:
- Pediatric trauma, low self-esteem, resistance, narrowed social relationships, decreased social functions, affecting development.
- Relatives of pediatric patients experience guilt, depression, psychological crisis. They also experience a need to blame, creating aggression and affecting relationships. Communication with health workers can be strained, leading to childs failure / poor adherence to treatment.
- Medical staff work pressure, patient pressure; Limiting psychological and social skills can easily lead to stressful situations with the relatives of pediatric patients.
1. Initiative proposal:
- Main activities:
Volunteers/collaborators accompany the pediatric patient and the child's relatives during treatment in the hospital through individual psychological support and group activities, with reports.
2. Long - term goals:
- Children are mentally stable, comfortable, understand their own value ​​and know how to take care of themselves
- Parents understand children's psychology, overcome the crisis, accept the reality and know how to take care of children after trauma
- The medical staff understand the psychology of the child, the parents, the work of the social workgroup, and support the social work group together.
3: Short - term goals:
- Children treated at the Department of Surgery and Orthopedics are stable mentally, happy, and cooperative.
- Parents whose children are treated at the Department of Surgery, Orthopedics experience reduced anxiety, fatigue, stress, and cooperation
- Medical staff understand child psychology, parents and activities of Happier group
- Volunteers understand about medicine and psychology. Volunteers show good practice, social work professionals support the process.

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