Living green - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization introduction
- Established year: 2009
- Representative: Huynh Son Thang
- Title: President

2. Project proposal:
- Implementation period: 15/3/2012 - 30/9/2012

Project Beneficiaries:
- Communities (students in primary schools, their parents, neighborhood) - new perception about environment
- Disabled people - acquiring their financial needs independently, self-definition in society.

Project activities:
- Stage 1 - Hold lessons and outdoor activities for students
- Stage 2 - install “intelligent”-trash bins in campus
- Stage 3 - Help disabled people to make profit from recycling paper and making handmade products (notebook, calendar, postcard…)
- Stage 4 - Train disabled people about financial management and marketing, building their own brand, running online selling and marketing
- Stage 5 - empower the disabled people, schools and third organizations which are willing to support and develop this project. Help them to contact trash-supplier to expand this project on their own

Long-term goal:
Help raise awareness of people about environmental issuses. Empower people in need in communities (especially disabled people) to recycle waste paper and make highly-competitive products in market

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