Light through the forest - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization introduction
Name: Frogsleap Foundation
Year of establishment: 2011
Address: TP.HCM
Vision: A non-profit organization established by a group of university students in Ho Chi Minh City, with a belief in “Young people can install green technology”
Mission: Spread green technology solutions to underprivileged areas in Vietnam, especially in mountainous areas or islands isolated from the mainland.
Representative: Nguyễn Thị THảo Nguyên
Position: President

2. Project proposal:
Location: Lâm Đồng
Implementation period: April/2021 - 31 Oct/2022
Issue focus:
- SDG 1: No Poverty
- SDG 13: Climate Action

Project Beneficiaries:
34 households at Chorung and Tomrang villages, Đa Quyn, Lâm Đồng

Challenges in the beneficiary community:

- Lack of electricity in remote areas not accessible not reached by the national electricity grid.
- Local people mainly use a flashlight or headlamp powered by a small battery; when their phone needs charging, some of them have to move an extremely long distance up to 4km to ask for charging.
- Children usually quit school in 6th grade because of the family’s financial situation and lack of appropriate light sources to study.

Project activities:
- Solar power battery knowledge communications campaigns for local people and engineers.
- Install solar panels with the local people at 34 households in Chorung and Tomrang villages, Đa Quyn, Lâm Đồng who are off the national electrical grid.

Long term goal:
- Beneficiaries will have a full understanding of Solar energy and maintain an effective habit of using solar power systems.
- Improve the quality of life for 34 beneficiary households, provide opportunities for economic development to local people by bringing a stable source of light. (for example: charging electric lights for farming at night, leading to higher yield)

Short term goal:
- Provide clean electricity and light to serve local people’s needs for daily activities.
- Provide children at beneficiary households with light to support their education.
- Lessen difficulty of access to electricity sources: there is no longer a need to travel 4 km to charge accumulator battery at the price of 17 - 20 thousand VND/a charge, saving daily expenses when using solar power.
- Help local people gain awareness about solar energy, have the skills to install, use, and maintain solar power systems.
Equip local people with electrical safety practices necessary for everyday activities.

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