Support small-capacity solar power systems for poor households in Chau Thanh district, Soc Trang province - Narrow The Gap Community Program
The project "Support small-capacity solar power systems for poor households in Chau Thanh district, Soc Trang province" was proposed by the Disabled People Club of Soc Trang Province to support the installation of 480W solar power systems/household for 10 poor households with 52 people in the suburban area of ​​Chau Thanh district, Soc Trang province - which has not been supported to connect with the national electricity source.

Solar power systems supporting households include: 01 100W solar panels, 01 battery storage 12V 40Ah, 04 bulbs 9W, using DC power 12V safety. With these systems, poor households can simultaneously light up 4 9W bulbs for 06 hours and use 30W electric fans for 10 hours if the lights, or radios are turned off ... In addition, the project also organizes training courses on electricity safety and knowledge of solar power use, periodic maintenance and equipment replacement, as well as instructions on how to install systems for beneficiaries.
  1. Direct beneficiaries: The project targets 10 poor Khmer households living in the fringes of Chau Thanh district
  2. Indirect beneficiaries: Officials, local authorities, communities near solar powered households.
  1. Organize training courses on electrical safety and knowledge about solar power use, periodic maintenance, equipment replacement, and system installation. 20 attendees of the supported households and the supporters (because the households are Khmer people, limited in Vietnamese communication) attend training courses on maintenance and replacement of solar power system equipment.
  2. 10 households are supported with these solar power systems.

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