Support small-capacity solar power systems for poor households in Chau Thanh district, Soc Trang province - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization introduction
- Name of organization: Club of People with Disabilities in Soc Trang province
- Year of establishment: 2013
- Address: 2D Phu Loi Street, Ward 2, Soc Trang City, Soc Trang Province
- Representative: Nguyen Thanh Hoai
- Title: Manager

2. Project proposal:
- Location: Chau Thanh district, Soc Trang province
- Implementation period: 1/5/2019 - 1/10/2019
- To achieve SDGs:
+ Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
Project Beneficiaries:
- Direct beneficiaries: The project targets 10 poor Khmer ethnic households living in the suburbs of Chau Thanh district. The total number of people is 52, including 10 children, 1 person with disabilities, 2 households to 9 people.
- Indirect beneficiaries: Officials, local authorities, communities near households are supported with solar power.

Challenges in the beneficiary community:
- Currently, these families are lacking evening light-sources from 18h to 24h. Since they do not have electricity, they usually use oil lamps with insufficient light. The reason is the state does not have a support program and each household does not have enough funds to invest for electricity. In addition, these households also lack the support of a free electric support solution for evening light-sources.
- If the problem is not resolved, it will lead to consequences such as: damaged eyesight, low labor productivity among household adults and thus, lower income. In addition, they also find it difficult to access mass media such as radio to improve their knowledge, listen to legal information and population policies which contribute to reducing law violations.

Project activities:
- The project supports a solar power system with a capacity of 480W/household for 10 poor households in the suburbs of Chau Thanh district, Soc Trang province.
- With this system, households can light up 4 bulbs (9 Watt) simultaneously to serve study activities, labor within 6 hours, or use a 30 Watt electric fan for 10 hours if all lights, or radio are off. Includes a 100 Watt solar panel, 1-12V 40Ah power storage, 4-9 Watt bulbs, using safe 12V electricity, meaning no shock will be given when touching.

Long-term goal:
- More households using solar power will contribute to reducing greenhouse gases and global warming, whilst raising awareness of sustainable renewable energy in the community.
- Contributing to improving the quality of life for households, supporting labor power to increase labor productivity and step by step escape poverty.

Short-term goal:
- Households have solar power supported by the project to light up at night.
- Organize training courses on electricity safety and knowledge of using solar power, periodic maintenance, equipment replacement, system installation: 20 participants from households are supported and attend the training course to understand maintenance and replacement of solar power system equipment (extra support for Khmer ethnic minority people with limited Vietnamese language).
- 10 households are supported with solar power system.

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