1. Organization introduction
- Name: Hospital Social Work Group_Happier
- Established year: 4/2010
- Address: 341 Su Van Hanh, Ward 10, District 10, HCMC
- Representative: Pham Thi Yen Trinh
- Title: Manager

2. Project proposal:
- Implementation period: 5/2014 - 4/2015
- Location: Children in Ho Chi Minh City and other regions (Bien Hoa, Binh Duong, Long An, Cu Chi) (when the patient needs it).

Project Beneficiaries:
- Children: 50 - 60
- Parents: 50 - 60
- Volunteers: 10 people (join a group of children to support children in need)

Challenges in the beneficiary community:
Children who are most vulnerable, girls who come to the Children's Hospital 1 for psychological examination and treatment, have difficulty with one of the following groups of problems:
- Awareness: Self-esteem skills,
- Communication: Feedback skills, listening skills; skills to present thoughts, ideas; behavioral skills, communication; skills to show sympathy.
- Creative thinking: Problem-raising skills; commenting skills; information search and processing skills; comparative analysis skills.
- Decision making: The skill of identifying / finding options; Problem-solving skills; coping skills; negotiation skills.
- Mastering yourself: skills of setting goals, skills of time management, skills to take on responsibility; Emotional control skills.

Project activities:
- Approach and visit family and children
- Communication for parents / parents
- Communication activities with children

Long-term goal:
- Create conditions for children during and after psychological examination and treatment at the Department of Psychology - Pediatric Hospital 1 to be provided with information, advice and practical support for problems that affect the safe and healthy lives of children.
- Help them to have enough knowledge and practice life skills and enable them to participate, exchange, reflect, discuss, and solve their pressing problems.
- Raising awareness and mobilize the family and community's participation in the care and education of children and helping them to have safe behavior and healthy lifestyles, benefitting their health."

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