Journey through Vietnam - Promoting love based on understanding - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization introduction
- Name: PLAG..VN
- Established year: 2011
- Address:
- Representative: Nguyen Lan Mộng
- Title: Member of, administrator of PFLAG Saigon website.

2. Project proposal:
- Location: HCMC, Dong Thap, Vung Tau, Tay Ninh
- Implementation period: 12/2019 - 08/2020
- To achieve SDGs:
+ Goal 10: Reducing Inequality

Project Beneficiaries:
- Community includes family, relatives, LGBT community, and supporters of interested people.
- When coming to each province and city during the trans-Vietnamese journey, the LGBT family and the LGBT community are the first beneficiaries.
- PFLAG's organization is part of this community.

Challenges in the beneficiary community:
- The LGBTQ community suffers from stigma and violence in the home, school, employment, and living environment.
- The consequence is:
+ Family: Many families fail because they have LGBT children. Parents take negative measures towards homosexual children.
+ LGBT is discriminated against, abused, and teased in schools, relatives, and social neighbors.
+ Difficult to find a job
+ Not accepted in sexual or emotional life
+ Heavy pressure on parents, family lineages
+ The problem of continuing the family line leads to meeting a front-line family, broken marriages and the consequences of children ...

Project activities:
Organize concert tours in all provinces and cities to promote love and assist many LGBTQ families in better understanding and loving their children, allowing them to be present, stand up, and defend their children. Bringing proper LGBTQ information to society in order to remove archaic and wrong LGBTQ preconceptions so that all people have equal rights, no more stigma and discrimination.
Long-term goal:
- Through musicals and dramas, the seminar will incorporate knowledge of LGBT so that parents and relatives can understand their children, raising awareness and changing people's views on the LGBT community.
- Through this activity, society understands more about the LGBT community, and will join hands to improve and resolve stigma against the LBGT community in their place of residence.
- Change stereotypes, views, and ways of thinking about the LGBT community.
- Helping family members with children in the LGBT community truly understand and support their children.
- People accompany the community in LGBT activities to spread love and understanding in their local areas.

Short-term goal:
- More PFLAGs appeared and joined the activities of the community:
+ 100% of participating parents receive correct knowledge about LGBT. 70% easily accept their children. 30% will accompany the community in activities.
- Changing perceptions of local people about the LGBT community:
+ 70% of local people, who have a voice, traders, housewives, etc. participate in training, contribute their voices in neighborhood meetings, in markets, or by word of mouth to change their outlook about LGBT.
- Women's union, teachers, groups, families and people participate in community activities:
+ Stakeholders such as the Women's Union, teachers will contribute a voice in the advocacy process, in local propaganda sessions, in schools, impacting on changing policies and regulations in schools at the main campus. where I work.

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