Hope Cup 2012 - Narrow The Gap Community Program

1. Organization introduction

- Name: 5 AM
- Established year: 2009
- Representative: Dang Thu Huong
- Title: Communication Officer

2. Project proposal:

- Location: Ho Chi Minh City
- Implementation period: 19/5/2012 - 26/5/2012

Project Beneficiaries:
- More than 60 disadvantaged children from warm shelters and open houses in HCMC who will directly participate in the tournament.
- Students from international school and other sports institutions who have little chance to learn about the disadvantaged kids as their friends or competitive sports players.

Project activities:
Organize a one-day football tournament with 8-12 football teams of children of two age groups 10-13 years and 14-17 years. With full support of playing yards, coaches, facilities, referees, welcome and cheering ceremony, opening and closing ceremony, the tournament is designed to give the kids the feeling of “the little World Cup” where they gain full respect, appreciation, support and chances to show their passion, talent and characteristics.

Long-term goal:
Become a unique football event in HCMC that is highly antcipated by the children and related community every summer time, where they have a chance not only to play football but also learn more about “another world” of their peers of diverse stratum.

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