Gieo Duyên Bridges - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization overview:
- Name: Charity group of the Vu - Vo Phuong Nam family
- Address: 47/1 / 17i Bui Dinh Tuy, Ward 24, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
- Representative: Vu Thi Hong Phuc
- Title:Chairman
2. Project scopes:
- Location: Tan Hung-Phu Hung commune, Cai Nuoc district, Ca Mau province and Phu Tan commune, Phu Tan district, Ca Mau province
- Time: 7/6/2018 - 1/3/2019
- To achieve SDGs:
+ Goal 1: No poverty
+ Goal 2: Zero hunger
3. Target community / beneficiaries:
Direct beneficiaries:
Bao Xop Bridge: inter-commune Tan Hung-Phu Hung H. Cai Nuoc. 6000 people.
Cai Doi bridge: Cai Doi hamlet, Phu Tan commune, Phu Tan district. 9,000 people.
Kinh Cung Bridge: Duong Cay Hamlet, Phu Tan Commune, Phu Tan District. 500 people
Cai Bat Bridge: Cai Nuoc hamlet (Cai Bat canal) Nearly 200 people
Tan Phu Bridge Tan Phu Hamlet (Tan Phu Canal) 700 people and 1 school 250 elementary and kindergarten students

Indirect beneficiaries:
2,000 people live in neighboring communes, Tan Hung - Phu Hung and Phu Tan.
4. Target community / beneficiaries:
In the three communes of Tan Hung, Phu Hung and Phu Tan in Ca Mau Province, students easily fall into the water when crossing the canal by homemade ferries, risking injury. People face many difficulties and cost money to travel by canoe. People need a permanent solution to cross this river. Residents of this area also face great problems if a loved one needs emergency help at night. The magnitude of these challenges will increase in the presence of floods.
 Expectation outcomes/changes:
* Increase safety and long-term convenience for the beneficiary's travel.
* Improve the quality of life for people here.
* Improve student's enjoyment of school so they can achieve good results.
* Improve economic and social development in the region.
* Increased trade between households in the table and neighboring areas.
* Bring solidarity between households in Bo Ke canal route.
* 100% beneficiaries can cross these bridges.
* Reducing inequalities in access to and use of public transport infrastructure

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