1. Overview of the organization
Year Established: 2019
Address: Thanh Da, HCMC
Vision: The Forest Vietnam (TFV) is an educational communication organization founded in 2019 by young people who are interested in the development of society, towards the mission of promoting sustainable development in the community in Vietnam.
Mission: We realize our vision through three main pillars: Building a liberal education space for Vietnamese children (Education); Building an adequate economy based on agriculture (Agriculture); Building ecosystems that support sustainable development (Community). The Forest Vietnam believes in the philosophy of "Connecting body-mind to understand oneself and constantly nurturing love is the premise for each individual to develop comprehensively. Only through the comprehensive development of individuals can a peaceful and prosperous society be built. "
Representative: Võ Thị Xuân Quyên
Title: Co Founder
2.  Project scopes:
Location: Ben Tre
Deployment time: 10/2020 - 10/2021
Ideas to solve SDGs:
- Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
- Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
- Goal 13: Climate Action
- Goal 14: Life Below Water
- Goal 15: Life On Land
1. Expected outcomes / changes:
- At least 1500 students in grades 6 to 9 at 05 secondary schools in the Mekong Delta region have basic knowledge about climate change, waste management and water improvement.
- At least 100 key students will be trained and practice climate change response measures, with the desire to continue to contribute to mitigate climate change impacts and spread this message in schools and family. Students are proactive and actively participate in learning and solving local environmental issues
- The school proactively and actively participates in environmental education for students in the liberal, student-centered education methods.
- Promote the participation, initiatives and actions of students in schools and families to improve the climate and living environment.
2. The community / beneficiaries that the idea aims to:
Direct beneficiaries:
- Students aged 11-14 (from 3 secondary schools: My Hoa, Hoang Lam, Phu Hung) who are studying and living in Ben Tre province.
Indirect beneficiaries:
- Schools (students and teachers) have members directly involved in the project.
- Parents of families with members directly involved in the project.
- Group members, collaborators, volunteers participating in the project have their skills increased, have the opportunity to learn more about the environmental education topic that they are interested in.
3. Challenges of the community / beneficiaries to which the idea is directed:
- Mekong Delta is affected by climate change and saline intrusion.
- Environmental education is not effective.
- Improving awareness of environmental protection has not been paid much attention.
1. Stakeholder Involvement (Financial / Professional / In-kind Contribution):
- Funds from development organizations, local business resources, local communities (alumni).
- Groups of young people from clubs are performing at junior high schools.
2. Project Personnel (Number & Specialization):
- Project Coordinator: Specialist in the sustainable development field, especially in the environment field. Has implemented many communication projects, environmental education with young people and children.
- Operation leader: Experience in coordinating projects related to daily-life solid waste management and environmental education.
- Content leader: Developing content of environmental education (air, energy, climate, ecology). Coordinating children's educational projects, liberal education approach, Steiner education.
- Financial leader: Coordinate, communicate projects related to academic integrity for young people.
- In charge of content: Organizing projects on climate change and environmental education.

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