Find clean water for my villagers - Narrow The Gap Community Program

1. Organization overview:
- Name: Nguyen Viet Khai Commune Women's Union
- Established year: 1994
- Address: Nguyen Viet Khai Commune, Phu Tan District, Ca Mau Province
- Vision: 
+ To build a patriotic Vietnamese woman who is knowledgeable, healthy, active, creative, has a cultural lifestyle, goodness, and cares about social and community benefits.
+ Solidarity and cooperation with women of countries, organizations, and individuals making progress in the region and the world for equality, development, and peace.
- Mission:
+ Gather classes of women to participate in the organization of the Association.
+ Instruct women to promote good traditions and train the quality of "Confidence - Self-respect - faithfulness -  resourcefulness".
+ Unite, mobilize women and society to implement gender equality.
+ Supporting women to improve their capacity, level, and build happy families; take care to improve the material and spiritual life of women.
+ Advise, participate in constructing, criticizing, and supervising the implementation of the rights and legitimate interests of women, families, and children.
+ Building and developing a strong Association.
- Representative: Dao Thi Thanh An
- Title: President of Commune Women's Union
2. Project scopes:
- Location: Sao Luoi Tay neighborhood, Nguyen Viet Khai Commune, Phu Tan District, Ca Mau Province
- Time: from 1/6/2020
- To achieve SDGs
+ Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
+ Goal 13: Climate Action
1. Initiative proposal:
+ Boreholes water approximately 240m
+ Intermediate tank: 5000 liters
+ Turbochargers
+ Water pipe: approximately 3000m
- Total cost: 202.000.000 VND
- Cost-effective: The investment for one person in a year is only about 70,000 VND but creating great benefits and long-term as presented in the impact section shows the high cost-effectiveness of the project.
2. Expected outcomes/changes:
- Providing 91 households with 567 people with clean water for drinking and daily activities.
- Reduce the cost of buying and transporting water.
- Increase family income.
- Avoid the risk of disease from using alum or saline water.
- Improve the lives of people.
- Increase time and effort for developing crop production, animal husbandry, or labor productivity.
- Helps ensure environmental hygiene.
- Increasing awareness that changes people's habits and practices in a more positive way.
- Help them to mobilize themselves, focus on economic development, rise to legitimate riches, and do not expect to rely on others.
- Improve community health. Especially the health of people is improved, children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and women are the most benefited.
3. The community / beneficiaries that the idea aims to:
- Providing 91 households with 567 people with clean water for drinking and daily activities.
4. Challenges of the community / beneficiaries to which the idea is directed:
- Lack of clean water for living.
- It costs money to buy water.
- The place to get water is far and difficult to go.
- People's health is seriously affected by the lack of clean water.

1. Stakeholder Involvement (Financial / Professional / In-kind Contribution):

- Supervisor: Vu-Vo Phuong Nam Community Organization, experience: 07 years of implementation and community project management.

- Construction team: Van Nung well - Phu Hung, H. Nuoc, T. Ca Mau wells, with 10 years of experience in finding water wells and drilling wells. Ensure the quality of wells and proper installation of techniques.

- Consultancy and support organization: Vu-Vo Phuong Nam Community Organization

2. Project Personnel (Number & Specialization):

- Project Director: Bachelor of Politics, major in Social Management.

Experience: 10 years joining Association. Having the ability to propagandize and mobilize women to gather, attract members to participate in community programs, clean water and environmental sanitation. Issues related to women and children.

- Deputy Director: Bachelor of Information Technology.

Experience: 07 years of Association work, gathering women in community programs, protecting clean and water resources appropriately and economically. Summary and recording of relevant issues

- Volunteers:

Party Committee Secretary Nguyen Viet Khai, Phu Tan, Ca Mau. Bachelor of State Management. Having 25 years working in the industry.

Vice Chairman of the Commune People's Committee. Social Science Bachelor. There are 15 years working in this field.

President of Vietnam Fatherland Front Social Science Bachelor. Having 20 years in social work.

Commune Farmer Association Program. Bachelor of Administrative Management. 15 years in public advocacy.

Party cell secretary. Having 10 years of public advocacy, community concern.

Propaganda campaign for everyone to implement, highly persuasive in the village. Monitor and manage the organization's finances.

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