Escape the floor - Narrow The Gap Community Program

Many children with cerebral palsy have many difficulties with movement and may not be able to achieve basic levels of physical activity. Throughout their lives, this will lead them to spend their whole lives on the floor. The "Escape the floor" project was proposed and implemented by the Vietnam Brain Injured Family Association with the desire to provide training tools for 150 children with cerebral palsy, thereby helping to improve their quality of life and raise awareness for parents in the process of caring for children with cerebral palsy in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Tien Giang and Long An.

Directly: 150 children with cerebral palsy are members of the Association in 10 provinces and cities
that the project will be implemented, corresponding to 300 young parents.

Indirect benefits to the community:
(1) All 1,000 children with cerebral palsy and 2,000 parents who are members of the Association in the provinces will receive improvements in their mental health and strength.
(2) The model can be scaled up to approximately 6000 children & 12,000 parents of cerebral palsy in 10 provinces for program implementation across the country.
(3) Local government & state physiotherapy facilities reduce the burden & full when the parents join & young athletes improve.
(4) Parents with better child care opportunities will be mentally healthier & the health to work better, creating material wealth, is a factor that contributes better to society.
- Organize 6 workshops to guide parents to change the awareness of 100 parents in the
practice & take care of children with cerebral palsy.
- 50 exercise tools are used daily by parents for children to transfer
for a total of 60 children in 1 year.
- 100% of children who participate in improved quality of life have time to get off the floor each

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