Education, youth - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization introduction
- Name: SOSUB
- Established year: 8/2011
- Address: P206 - Lot X - CC Ngo Gia Tu, Ward 2, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City
- Representative: Tran Minh Tuan
- Title: Leader

2. Project proposal:
- Implementation period: 01/5/2016 - 01/5/2017 (The project will continue in the coming years)
Project Beneficiaries:
The expected number of beneficiaries after one year of maintaining the website is at least 700,000 registered users.
Vietnamese young people aging from 16 to 30.

Challenges in the beneficiary community:
- Young people and students may not have physical disabilities but may have disabilities in knowledge, skills, and development of thinking and spirit. This is rarely taught at school and college.
- Young people today have the following key needs:
+ Acquire and update human knowledge
+ Learn English through preferred topics to make learning more effective.
+ Translate and share knowledge, good videos with your friends without problems with copyright issues.
- However, it is not easy to access new knowledge around the world since the videos are now all foreign languages, the main theme is English. Foreign language is the biggest barrier for them in accessing academic videos. They do not have bilingual videos to improve their English, they have a lot of videos that they want to understand but do not know how to translate and how to share it. SOSUB will be the channel to solve those obstacles. 

Project activities:
- SOSUB is a long-term project, SOSUB will become the free LEARNING HUB in Vietnam with more than 1000 videos with bilingual subtitles, from more than 30 different fields.
- In addition, SOSUB will launch many integrated services to develop into an "education ecosystem" with a full range of supported tools and utilities, such as competency assessment systems, tools capacity testing, integration of other document systems, group study support facilities, functions to support schools and training organizations, etc.

Long-term goal:
- The first chance of the project is to help all viewers and participate in the SOSUB community find the motivation to learn for themselves. They could find a passion for academics, in learning foreign languages ​​, and have more confidence to strive.
- All SOSUB users will be empowered by removing the language barrier in academia, learning English has never been so fun.
- In addition, SOSUB helps viewers connect with the community. It is necessary for them to connect with each other, learn from each other, and motivate each other. A positive community will grow ever stronger, continue to attract and influence other individuals well, helping all individuals to live a better life and a better society.

Short-term goal:
- After 6 months:
+ Launched the web 1.0 platform.
+ There are 1300 videos captioned in total: This includes converting 850 TED Talks and TED-Ed subtitles to a new format and 450 new videos with subtitles.
+ Organized 3 training courses on translation skills for 60 people.
+A total of 05 partner organizations establish translation channels.
+There are a total of 100,000 registered users.
- After 12 months:
+ Launch of web2.0 platform (complete web features)
+ Launching mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
+ There are a total of 2000 videos with subtitles.
+ Organized a total of 6 training courses on translation skills for a total of 120 people.
+ A total of 15 partner organizations create translation channels.
+ There are a total of 500,000 registered users.

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