Connecting with the World through STEAM - Narrow The Gap Community Program
The project "Connecting with the world through STEAM" is proposed and implemented by the Service Learning Center - Hoa Sen University with the desire to bring students to support disadvantaged children, through distinctive STEAM activities.

STEAM is an integrated educational model of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Learning is mainly based on practice and experience, creativity, progressive and flexible educational methods such as Project-based learning, Learning through games, Learning through practice.

The project will build STEAM knowledge and skills for groups of students from many different disciplines so that you can compile materials and organize STEAM activities in accordance with the wishes and abilities of children; Organize STEAM business visits and fairs to give children the opportunity to develop STEAM knowledge, increase creativity, logical thinking, improve learning efficiency as well as develop comprehensive soft skills. The beneficiaries of the project are 80 children with special circumstances in Thao Dan and SOS Children's Villages Ho Chi Minh City and the group of students participating in the project.

The STEAM-up Crew team will organize business tours to give children the opportunity to learn STEAM directly through the product, provide a STEAM workshop that meets their expectations and organize a STEAM Fair.
  1. Direct beneficiary community: 80 children aged 6-10, including 40 at Thao Dan Social Protection (CSB) and 40 at SOS Children's Villages Ho Chi Minh City (SOS village).
  2. Indirect beneficiaries: 12 students of Hoa Sen University (HSU) who are studying different subjects. These are freshman to senior-year students who love STEAM as well as the community service spirit.
- From 6-12 / 2019
+ 12 HSU students develop skills, community service spirit, STEAM capacity, capable of applying STEAM education to children in special circumstances (6-10 years old). 80% of students complete 27 hours of STEAM training from experts and 4 hours of community-based complementary skills.

+ STEAM educational topics for children at two campuses are identified. 80 children (20%) of the two establishments age 6-10 participated in the quick survey; A report recognizing the needs and expectations of children about STEAM; A list of topics that children love related to food, experiments, funny math, human characteristics and visual arts.

+ 80 children at Thao Dan CSS and SOS Children's Villages Ho Chi Minh City develop creative and logical thinking; language skills, ask questions; ability to analyze problems and plan, experience STEAM's favorite STEAM, understand the need for common sciences and entertainment;

+ There is a cooperation agreement between HSU and 2 social facilities participating in the project; 10 plans to organize STEAM educational activities; 01 business visit plan; 01 plan to organize STEAM fair; Results of evaluation of changes before and after joining the project

+ There are STEAM education materials / syllabus designed for the needs of children from 6-10 years old. A set of 10 small topics (of the large expected topics) was compiled.

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