Comprehensive access to education for the Deaf and the special circumstances. - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization overview:
- Name: HCMC Deaf Community Organization (DCOH)
- Established year: 09/09/2009
- Address: 130 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Ward 1, District 3
- Representative: Pham Cao Phuong Thao
- Title: UNESCO Advisor / Teacher
2. Project scopes:
- Time: 01/10/2014 - 01/10/2016
- Location:
3. Target community / beneficiaries:
The direct beneficiaries of the project are 230 Deaf and Mute people with special circumstances. These are immigrants, wandering, abandoned and orphaned people living and earning money in Ho Chi Minh City. They lack support, love and sharing from the family. They have the ability to understand, create and invent in the fields of art. The Deaf people learn through many professions but their potential has not been developed and they work ineffectively.
4. Target community / beneficiaries challenges:
DCOH has surveyed and discovered a number of Deaf deaf people who learn art effectively, and could express their feelings and aspirations through art, plus develop friendships.
Of which, 15 people who are Deaf and Mute have cultural qualifications and need to learn composing arts (painting, calligraphy, ...).
The other 30 Deaf and Mute people have never gone to school and cannot speak with sign language. They live instinctively, so often unfortunate circumstances arise for themselves, their families and society.
They need to be able to learn to read and write their names on identification papers ...
And all 230 DCOH Mute Deaf people need to be trained in life skills, self-defense skills, to fight and to protect their legal rights and interests through the "Disability Law"; Because of the specificity of the legal language, the Deaf, including relatives and local government, understand and misuse the legal policy on people with disabilities. At present, Most DCOH Deaf communities do not have legal rights or benefits from this legal policy.
The class will open up opportunities for the Deaf to receive a monthly grant; Social insurance; tax exemption and reduction; exemption from plane, train, bus and other tourist sightseeing tickets; along with many preferential policies and benefits for the Deaf (severe disability).
1. Initiative proposal:
- The main activity of the project is cooperated by a team of highly skilled art teachers and counselors of DCOH to help Deaf Students work while studying.
+ Fine arts class: 704 periods (02 years)
+ Illiteracy eradication class combining sign language universalization and advanced sign language 704 periods (02 years): Teaching according to Vietnamese textbook program of the Ministry of Education - Training combining main sign language System of the Deaf: Basic, Advanced.
+ Training course on "Law on People with Disabilities", life skills and self-defense skills for Deaf Members and their relatives (Listener).
- The curriculum includes: "Law on People with Disabilities" combining instructional documents and Decrees related to the Law on People with Disabilities, a scoreboard for specific 2. Long-term goals:
The purpose of the project is to train the knowledge, skills and careers appropriate to the specific disabilities of the Deaf, to lay the foundation for DCOH's next strategic plan.
3 main teachers and 3 tutors for 3 classes. In which only 1 teacher is the listener, the other 5 teachers are deaf. All of these teachers have professional expertise and effective teaching experience for over 10 years. They are all reputable people and are recognized by society and the Deaf community.
1 project manager (Listening and Speaking) coordinator and 5 logistics coordinators (Deaf and Mute). These people have all participated in the project before.

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