"Clean water plants" for residential communities in Hamlet 1, Long Thanh Commune - Thu Thua District - Long An Province - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization introduction
- Name: Hoc Mon Child Sponsorship Association
- Established year: 01/01/2012
- Address: 41 / 1D Tran Van Muoi, Hamlet 2, Xuan Thoi Dong-Hoc Mon
- Representative: Hong To Hue Lan
- Title: Director

2. Project proposal:
- Time: 01/10/2016 - 01/04/2017
Project Beneficiaries:
- Direct beneficiaries:
48 households include 204 people, including 54 children and 72 women living in alum contaminated water.
- Indirect beneficiaries:
Neighborhood communities are farmers who need to use clean water

Challenges in the beneficiary community:
- Hamlet 1, Long Thanh Commune, Thu Thua District, Long An Province, in a remote area with severe alum contamination, is severely lacking in clean water and in need of support.
- Alum water often has a fishy, ​​acrid smell. Local people have no choice but to use it so children often suffer from skin and gastrointestinal diseases.
- The use of water from ponds, lakes, rivers and ditches is also susceptible to contamination by residues of pesticides from fields.
- Particularly for girls and women who often suffer from gynecological diseases, having 1 well of clean water to use is an urgent issue that needs to be resolved immediately. At the same time, the population density is constantly increasing, the need to use clean water for living for farmers is one of the urgent problems in the current period.

Project activities:
- A well of water drilled
- Construction of water tanks
- Pull the water pipe for the people

Long-term goal:
By the end of the project, 48 households living in alum-contaminated waters live in Hamlet 1, Long Thanh Commune, Thu Thua District, Long An Province, have a source of clean water for daily use, eating, drinking, and hygiene to reduce risks. Most at risk of infectious diseases are women/girls and children.

Short-term goal:
Build a well whose quality meets the national technical standards (QCVN 02: 2009 / BYT) to ensure living for 48 households throughout the year.

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