Building an online educational platform for the deaf - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization overview:
- Name: Hear.Us.Now.
- Established year: 6/2014
- Address: 42 Dang Dung, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1
- Representative: Le Dinh Hieu
- Title: Project founder
2. Project scopes:
- Location:
- Time: 01/07/2016 - 31/12/2016 (May be extended until March 31, 2017)
3. Target community / beneficiaries:
Currently, the project is directly serving nearly 100 hearing-impaired people, including 2 main groups:
Children with hearing loss are attending secondary school at special schools (from 8-18 years old)
Adults with hearing impairments are participating in activities at specialized clubs. For these students, the requirement to participate is the ability to read, write, and understand Vietnamese fluently.
All of them live in HCMC.
Once the online education platform is fully built, we expect to be able to reach 10% of the total of 2.7 million deaf people (270,000 people) across Vietnam. In parallel, with this online education platform, the project maintains traditional classroom models, organizes additional seminars to train and support other units to join.
4. Target community / beneficiaries challenges:
The community of deaf people has the same need to learn English & Informatics as everyone else.
The community of the hearing impaired is also able to absorb this knowledge normally, as long as they have a suitable transmission channel.
Educational method of Hear.Us.Now. Has proven relevance and effectiveness.
The implementation of an online education platform will help us integrate elements of the educational method that has been tested for over a year, but help the project spread algae and reach thousands of other people. accept geographical distance and other restrictions on the conditions for joining other classes.
1. Initiative proposal:
Over the past years, although the Ministry of Education and Training has made great efforts to facilitate the integration of people with disabilities in the formal general education environment, the overall proportion of people with disabilities (over 7 million people), and the hearing impaired in particular (approximately 3 million people), still do not have the opportunity to integrate and access a quality education that remains very high, leading to an inequality in education and job opportunities work with this community. Hear.Us.Now. Project after many years working directly with the hearing impaired in Ho Chi Minh City through English and informatics programs, they have developed appropriate educational methods for their special circumstances (expressed in 100% of students with disabilities) auditors in the affiliate program between Hear.Us.Now. and Anh Minh School, Binh Thanh District, all passed the second-semester exam according to the textbook standards and recognized by the Education and Education Department of Binh Thanh District); Thereby, we want to build an online educational platform with regular English, Informatics, and Science curriculum designed to suit the learning needs of the deaf community. Our goal is to create a totally free educational resource for the 2.7 million deaf people in Vietnam; thereby, contributing to facilitate the integration and contribute to the society of this community better.
2: Long-term goals:
Build a free online educational resource to provide English, Informatics, and Common Science for at least thousands of hearing-impaired people in Vietnam.
For English: equipping the hearing impaired to read and write English at A2 level according to the Common European Framework for Reference (CEFR, Common European Framework for Reference). This is the standard for you to attend Universities and Colleges in Vietnam.
Informatics subject: equipping the deaf with IT skills equivalent to A level, Vietnam National Certificate. We use the foundation of the curriculum of Orphan Impact, an NPO organization in the United States (registered under the 501c3 standard), which has successfully disseminated IT to thousands of orphans in Vietnam.
4. Expectation outcomes/changes:
Direct product for 6 months:
Building a set of 120 lessons including video clips combining English and informatics teaching, and sharing common knowledge, using Vietnamese subtitles and Sign Language.
Deploy an online platform for deaf people to learn from these lectures and be monitored and assessed for full progress.
Direct products for 24 months:
The project builds a basic English program, spanning 100 weeks, based on Vietnamese textbooks, but in a vivid visual method with the assistance of information technology to help deaf people. understand the post better.
Direct product for 5 years:
An educational universalization program for children with hearing impairment to master their knowledge by teaching them IT and English.
Project leader: Mr. Le Dinh Hieu, graduated from the Faculty of Economics, UCLA University (USA), 6 years in education management, is currently the CEO of GAP Academy honored by Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2016.
Head of Communication Department: Ms. Nguyen Ha Phuong, graduated from University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, 4 years working in communication and marketing, currently Communication Officer of NPO Operations Smile
Head of Finance: Ms. Bui Thi Kim Trang, graduated with a MSc in Management from LSE University (UK), 3 years in management, currently Head of Phu Sy Construction Joint Stock Company.
Head of Partnership Department: Ms. Thai Phuong Thao, a graduate of Foreign Trade University of Ho Chi Minh City, is currently the President of AIESEC Vietnam - the largest student organization in Vietnam.
Head of Engineering: Mr. Nguyen Kien Long, graduated with a MSc in Automation from France, 3 years working in education, is currently the CEO of Why Mathematics Academy.
Members: Mr. Pham Quang Huy, engineer of University of Technology
Members: Ms. Le Cao Ngoc Linh, Bachelor of Van Lang University
Members: Mr. Pham Huu Thinh, Bachelor of Saigon University
Member: Ms. Doan Thi Thanh Thanh, student of Foreign Trade University of Ho Chi Minh City
Members: MSc of Science Le Thi Anh Mai, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Members: MSc Bui Thai Ngoc Nhung, University of Exeter, UK
Member: Ms. Nguyen Anh Minh, University of London, UK
Together with approximately 10 other volunteers
Project advisor:
Mr. Pham Hong Anh, graduated from National University of Singapore, Cambridge Certificate of Pedagogy (UK), Academic Director of Press Language Center
Ms. Pham Dang Mai Linh, 10 years teaching deaf children at Lam Dong School of Deafness, is currently an education specialist at Lam Dong Department of Education and Training.
Ms. Duong Phuong Hanh, Director of Research Center for Deaf Education (CED), President of Asia Pacific Federation of Deafness (APFHD)
Mr. Truong Pham Hoai Chung, MSc in Education, Harvard, CEO Stella Academy
Professor Michael Horn, MSc, Harvard, Director of the Clayton Christensen Research Institute (USA)

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