Build Southern Herbal Medicine Garden at An Giang - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization introduction
- Name: Southern Herbal Medicine Garden
- Established year: 6/2014
- Address: Road 3/2, Xuan Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho.
- Representative: Vo Quoc Lap
- Title: Chairman

2. Project proposal:
- Location: An Giang
- Implementation period: 11/12/2016 - 19/02/2017
Project Beneficiaries:
- Direct beneficiaries: Local people in particular and the poor in general, using medicinal herbs, are raising awareness about medicinal conservation.
- Indirect beneficiaries: The herbal medicine rooms are supplied with medicines after the harvest. Students participate in building practical experiences and participate in project management, having an impact on awareness of medicinal conservation.

Challenges in the beneficiary community:
Currently, the situation of medicinal herbs is becoming more and more exhausted, the reason is due to the urbanization process and the low awareness of the people in the conservation of medicinal species, most of them only exploit and use, not sow and grow. The reduction of biodiversity and the supply of medicinal materials to make medicines for poor patients is increasingly limited. While they can not afford to use western medicines, they mainly use traditional herbal remedies. With the above situation, health care for the poor becomes difficult. Building a medicinal garden to provide medicinal herbs for health is extremely necessary.

Project activities:
- Build a herbal medicine garden in An Giang with an area of ​​about 3000m2. When the project is implemented, it can contribute to solving the shortage of medicinal herbs, serving the health of poor patients who cannot afford to use medicine.
- At the same time, the project also builds a model medicinal area to conserve valuable medicinal herbs.

Long-term goal:
- Planting and covering medicinal gardens with commonly used medicinal herbs.
The supply is guaranteed so that harvested medicinal plants can be used as medicines for poor patients for free.
- Build a model medicine area through which propaganda about how to conserve and develop valuable medicinal herbs.

Short-term goal:
- Planting and greening more than 3000m2 with commonly used medicinal species.
- Maintain operation and develop herbal medicine gardens for at least 10 years, ensure the supply of medicines for traditional medicine rooms (about 7.5 tons / 6 months).
- Building a model medicinal area for conservation with more than 100 medicinal herbs, thereby propagating and raising awareness for people about the exploitation and conservation of precious medicinal herbs.

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