Apply for tuition funding and buy overlock machines to learn how to oversew - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization overview:
- Name: My Future Intellectual Disability Group
- Representative: Nguyen Thi Thu Ha
- Title: Manager
2. Project scopes:
- Time: 15/6/2015 - 15/9/2015
- Location: Binh Thanh District, Dist 7, 10, 11, Go Vap District.
3. Target community / beneficiaries:
10 - 12 children with intellectual disabilities

1. Initiative proposal:
Project activities: (1) Organize drawing classes
(2) Organize dance and singing classes
(3) Organize swimming classes
(4) Organize overlock class
2. Objective:
(1) Helping children with intellectual disabilities get psychiatric treatment
(2) Helping children develop conditions for more personal development
(3) Help the children learn the craft of wringing clothes
(4) Helping children and parents increasingly bond with the group
2. Goals
3. Expectation outcomes/changes:
10-12 children with intellectual disabilities are allowed to attend classes

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