Accompanying sponsored children at CEPORER Hoc Mon and their families - Narrow The Gap Community Program

1. Organization introduction

- Name: CEPORER Hoc Mon, Project CHUM
- Representative: Hong To Hue Lan
- Title: Chairman of the association

2. Project proposal:

- Implementation period: 15/6/2015 - 15/6/2016
- Location: 41 / 1D Tran Van Muoi, Xuan Thoi Dong 2, Hoc Mon

Project Beneficiaries:
- 38 orphans and disadvantaged children aged 6 to 17 are sponsored by CEPORER Hoc Mon.
- 35 parents/caregivers of children participating in the project.
- 38 volunteers have improved their companionship skills, expanded their social capital through relationships with other mentors and had meaningful experiences with children in difficult circumstances, fostering a living.

Project activities:
- Connecting children with companions to guide and share learning skills (reading, understanding, remembering, ...), life skills (self-value determination, self-protection, ...), new experiences (family meals, museum visits, ...), social media safety (level 2), career choice (level 3).
- Train and practice parent-friendly skills
- Organize initial training for companion volunteers, including a lack of psychology and communication skills with children.

Long-term goal:
Helping disadvantaged children to have positive experiences, improve their study skills, life skills, and self-awareness skills, thereby increasing their confidence, and promoting their opportunities in life.

Short-term goal:
- 38 children have improved their learning and life skills, are exposed to positive behaviors, increase their confidence, reduce their risk of bad behaviors, and promote their potential.
- 35 parents improve their children's education skills, know how to better protect their children, and take care of their children.
- 38 volunteers improved their companionship skills, expanded social capital through relationships with other mentors, and had meaningful experiences with disadvantaged children, fostering a living.

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