Accompanying sponsored children at CEPORER Hoc Mon and their families - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization overview:
- Name: CEPORER Hoc Mon, Project CHUM
- Representative: Hong To Hue Lan
- Title: Chairman of the association
2. Project scopes:
- Time: 15/6/2015 - 15/6/2016
- Location: 41 / 1D Tran Van Muoi, Xuan Thoi Dong 2, Hoc Mon
3. Target community / beneficiaries:
- 38 orphans and disadvantaged children aged 6 to 17 are sponsored by CEPORER Hoc Mon.
- 35 parents/caregivers of children participating in the project.
- 38 volunteers have improved their companionship skills, expanded their social capital through relationships with other mentors and had meaningful experiences with children in difficult circumstances, fostering a living.

1. Initiative proposal:
Project activities: (1) Connecting children with companions to guide and share learning skills (reading, understanding, remembering, ...), life skills (self-value determination, self-protection, ...), new experiences (family meals, museum visits, ...), social media safety (level 2), career choice (level 3).
(2) Train and practice parent-friendly skills
(3) Organize initial training for companion volunteers, including a lack of psychology and communication skills with children.
2. Goals
Helping disadvantaged children to have positive experiences, improve their study skills, life skills, and self-awareness skills, thereby increasing their confidence, and promoting their opportunities in life.
3. Expectation outcomes/changes:
(1) 38 children have improved their learning and life skills, are exposed to positive behaviors, increase their confidence, reduce their risk of bad behaviors, and promote their potential.
(2) 35 parents improve their children's education skills, know how to better protect their children, and take care of their children.
(3) 38 volunteers improved their companionship skills, expanded social capital through relationships with other mentors, and had meaningful experiences with disadvantaged children, fostering a living.

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