5 minutes each day for a happy healthy life and to overcome cancer - Narrow The Gap Community Program
The project “5 minutes each day for a happy healthy life and to overcome cancer” was proposed and implemented by Salt Cancer Initiative with the desire to compile specialized cancer literature / books for the patient community, people in Vietnam.

When the project is implemented, it will directly support 800 cancer patients (aged 40-60) mainly residing in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi; SCI members are supporting cancer patients; The patient community is battling cancer and especially the connected patient community - basic internet skills. Documents / articles / books will be compiled, edited in easy-to-understand, accessible ways, towards solutions, bright colors, helping patients to balance emotions, feel peace, hope and resiliently continue to pursue his/her treatment until recovery.

In addition, the project also wants to share information resources for cancer patients in other localities that have internet access; relatives and families of cancer patients, the general population community through the mass media (via VOV/Youtube channel).
  1. Direct beneficiaries: Cancer patients (40 - 60 years old) in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, these patients are currently SCI members, Patients have internet access.
  2. Indirect beneficiaries: Cancer patients who are in other localities and have internet access, Relatives and families of cancer patients, Community in general through mass media. (via VOV/Youtube channel).
  1. Database / number of posts: 300 translations, 60 infographics
  2. Content interaction: Each post on the page reaches 3,000 hits, 20 interactions. Each post through the series in the magazine category reaches 20,000 hits, 40 interactions
  3. Satisfaction: 30% of interactions accompany SCI and improve lives in terms of physical and mental health

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