5 minutes each day for a happy healthy life and to overcome cancer - Narrow The Gap Community Program
1. Organization introduction
- Name of organization: Salt Cancer Initiative Project
- Year of establishment: 2017
- Address: 4th Floor, No. 46, Ngo Quyen, Hang Bai Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City
- Representative: Nguyen Hien Mi
- Position / Position: Project Executive Director

2. Project proposal:
- Location: HCMC
- Implementation period: 13/3/2019 - 12/3/2020
- To achieve SDGs:
+ Goal 10: Reducing Inequality
+ Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
Project Beneficiaries:
- Direct beneficiaries:
+ 800 cancer patients aged 40-60 years old, mainly living in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. These patients are currently SCI members.
+ Cancer patients and their relatives regularly interact with SCI's Facebook fanpage, currently 7,000 people, after 1 year this is expected to expand to 16,000 people.
+ SCI members are currently assisting cancer patients.
+ The patient community is fighting cancer in general, especially the connected patient community - basic internet skills.
- Indirect beneficiaries:
+ Cancer patients are in other locations and have internet access.
+ Relatives and families of cancer patients
+ General community through mass media (via VOV / Youtube channel)
SCI is an organization founded by cancer patients, working for cancer patients, aiming to improve the mental health of cancer patients, so SCI belongs to this community.

Challenges in the beneficiary community:
- For Vietnamese cancer patients, the access to psychological information resources is limited. This is because mental support and palliative care are still a weak side of the Vietnamese health system, coupled with an overcrowding of public hospitals, leading to the llimited lengths of consultation with doctors.
- In order to answer their questions, patients and family members often have to learn by word of mouth, sometimes relying on rumors and advertisements about unhealthy therapies or nutrition. This not only wastes patient time , but it can also cause a lot of confusion and afflictions that make the health of cancer patients worse, and life quality is greatly reduced.
- Currently in Vietnam there are many websites (including social networks) with information on cancer, such as Purple Ribbon - VietMD, Public Medicine. However, these pages cover only one aspect of the correspondence and only have basic academic information. Reliable psycho-emotional information, daily activities and entertainment, dealing with cancer-related stress, as well as information for relatives, friends and family is limited and scattered . In addition, this information is often written from the perspective of doctors, so patients often feel that they are not sympathetic when receiving this information. Therefore, it is necessary to have a comprehensive database similar to that of CRUK exclusively for cancer patients in Vietnam.
ng serious medication.

Project activities:
The project activities include online and offline activities:
- Create database, cancer contest, campaigns.
- Create Videos, then create a Youtube / VOV channel
- Organize meetups, workshops, events, campaigns
- The project translates books and libraries of information from reputable sources, visualizes them, makes them understandable, accessible, and solution-oriented. To raise the spirit of cancer patients, the language is used in bright, peaceful colors, helping patients balance their emotions, feel at peace, hope and resiliently continue to pursue the process of treatment until recovery.

Long-term goal:
- Complete a comprehensive database for Vietnamese cancer patients, help patients understand more about their disease, gain sympathy and support,
The main goal of online activities:
- Make information available to SCI members in particular (800 patients) and cancer patients in general through online and offline communication channels.
- Build a positive and sustainable community by sharing experiences, living in harmony and taking care of yourself physically and mentally for new patients joining SCI.
- Create a habit of reading and receiving knowledge for the patient community and relatives
- Accompany cancer patients during their battle for life.
- To support patients psychologically, create a more optimistic and richer spiritual life to contribute to improving their physical and mental health, shorten treatment time, reduce treatment costs, improve quality of life and length of life.
Integrating some awareness about cancer into activities to spread scientific knowledge to patients, relatives and event participants.

Short-term goal:
- Achieved 300 translations in 1 year
- Designed 60 infographics (self-edited by SCI and Vietnamese), 6 videos on cancer awareness
- Design a nutritious and specialized daily meal / drink / snack for cancer patients in Vietnam under the support and supervision of doctors and nutritionists - one lesson per day and edema according to each traditional Vietnamese New Year holiday.
- Online publishing of SCI magazine - monthly online under the following categories: Healthy living (meal design, yoga exercises / health exercise / meditation, new discoveries / information on cancer treatment in the world agenda), Living happily (sharing about life from patients in Vietnam and around the world, maxim of love of life, narrative words from 1 SCI member and greetings to cancer patients in Vietnam, SCI volunteer), Peaceful life (information about cancer patient support group club in Vietnam, addresses of clean food, clean meals, free service - if any).
- There is a series of articles on the magazine's category page next to the organization's main media channel:
- Create a regular channel to post 3 articles / week with the ratio of medical: psychological support articles 2: 1
- Achieve 3,000 post engagements, 20 post interactions and 20,000 series engagements, 40 series interactions
- Organize weekly seminars on topics:
+ Painting art: creativity and aesthetics of every moment of life
+ Meditation - relaxation: calmness and peace of mind
+ Yoga practice - strengthens endurance and endurance of the body
+ Calligraphy: put the mind in each stroke - the art of using the word to practice mind
- Activities to connect with hospitals and universities to spread the community and raise awareness for patients and interested people.
- People engagement satisfaction rate of 30%, proving that their physical and mental health are both improved.

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