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Community Fund Narrow the gap 2022 with the message

“More crossed paths for greater social impacts”

The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted many social issues : climate change, the lack of support for disadvantaged groups, employment assurance, civil rights to domestic violence, situations in which children lost their acquaintances due to Covid-19. The post-pandemic world requires a stronger collaboration than ever between projects/Nonprofit organizations – Corporates – The Public to create effective and more stable, sustainable social impacts. There raises one alarming question: How to get a comprehensive general solution to that social problem? What are the values that would be delivered to society when different resources from different sectors find a common crossed path and work towards common goals?

That is also our preliminary question of LIN when launching the Community Fund Narrow the Gap in 2022 with the message “More crossed paths for greater social impacts”. The community-based philanthropic ecosystem is the answer to that crossed path among Nonprofit projects/organizations – Corporates – Public.

Being operated following a model of a community fund, Narrow The Gap has the goal of gathering resources in terms of expertise, community initiatives, in-kind and financial resources from community members, and help to distribute those resources to meet the development demand of the community. With a fund worth up to 900 million VND for this year’s program (up to 150 million VND/project with other additional support from LIN), LIN hopes to continue accompanying the non-profit sector in the journey to actualize their project vision for the community and the business sector to strengthen connections and integrate philanthropic practices into business activities. Meanwhile, building a sense of community and spreading the volunteering ecosystem in Vietnam with public involvement.

So why did LIN choose the image of “crossed paths” to convey the message of Narrow The Gap in 2022?

There always exists certain differences between individuals, groups or organizations in terms of beliefs, goals, working mindset. Yet, among the multitude of differences, we can still find the presence of a common voice which will result in creating many practical changes. Similarly, in the context of the world now facing many challenges, whether current or potential ones in the future, the best thing we can do is to carry the necessary equipment and seek opportunities to cooperate. The crossed path between individuals, non-profit organizations, corporations or the public is the door that opens up opportunities for initiatives and creativity to cope with today’s challenging context.

Non-profit projects/organizations are crucial factors in promoting and carrying out community and social activities. However, in order for these activities to not be bound only to the Non-Profit sector, there is a need for joining points with the corporate sector and public also. Only when a crossed path is formed can community activities be further expanded, capturing the essential and important needs of the local community, thereby spreading positive and sustainable social impacts. Additionally, social responsibility has always been a part of corporate activities. Partnering with Nonprofits not only gives businesses a more transparent vision of their social responsibility, but also better navigates effectively their activities to ensure future business goals.

Five sustainable development goals of Narrow the gap 2022 

In a society where individuals have a sense of local ​​and community values, LIN believes there will be a crossed path of beliefs and sustainable social benefits. With the vision of building crossed paths to further expand positive impacts, Narrow The Gap 2022 has come to a decision of selecting five sustainable development themes (in the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations), including:

▪️ Good health and well-being

▪️ Climate action

▪️ Clean water and sanitation

▪️ Decent work and economic growth

▪️ Quality education.

If you are working on or know of projects meeting 1 of the 5 topics above, do not hesitate to submit an application or send a nomination letter to the Narrow The Gap Community Fund!

Get ready with LIN "More crossed paths for social impacts" to narrow down the distance on the way to a better society!

Program information:

Registration and nomination project ideas deadline: June 12th, 2022 

Project submission deadline: June 26th, 2022

Application form:

Program Booklet:

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