As you may know, the Covid-19 pandemic has put tremendous setbacks for many aspects of our society including philanthropic efforts. We also received several feedback and concerns from our NPO partners on the difficulties they have been facing in these unprecedented circumstances of social distancing and restricted movement caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. As a result, after the due date for Round 1’s proposal submission has passed, the Narrow The Gap program team at LIN have sat down and discussed the prospect of the program during this challenging time.

We have come to the conclusion that our program needs to thrive regardless of those challenges. We need to continue our program in order to support those NPOs to make a positive impact on our society and to save the planet for our future generation according to this year's theme. Nevertheless, this program also needs to change in order to adapt promptly to the current situation.

Therefore, we would like to inform you of the immediate decision regarding the Narrow The Gap program this year:

1. We would like to announce the cancellation of the first round’s activities – including the call for proposal, screening, and selection process.
* For those NPOs who have managed to submit the proposals, we applaud your efforts to commit to the deadline. We will contact you directly to advise appropriate actions upon your specific cases.

2. Consequently, some key changes to the program as following:
* There would be only one round for Narrow the Gap 2020 which will commence in early June this year.
** We will then reallocate the first round’s existing fund with the amount of 450 million Vietnam dongs to the next round’s fund. This new fund with the estimated total amount of 450 million Vietnam dongs could be distributed to 3 winning proposals.
*** There would be some changes in screening procedures as well as the final selection process to comply with the government's recommendation of no public gathering and social distancing that may still be in place in the future.

We are working on the adjustment plan at the moment and will announce shortly in the upcoming weeks. We will keep you posted as always on our program channels.

For any further questions regarding the program, please do not hesitate to contact our program team for assistance and clarifications. | Hotline: +84 28 7304 6884 (Ext: 102).

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