Each year, Narrow The Gap Community Program will update forms for non-profit projects participating in the program here.

Please get updates about the timeline and grants of the Program on our website and fanpage..

List of forms:

Forms for Non-profit Organizations / Projects to submit concept notes to the Program:
  1. Information of calling for concept note Round 2.2020
  2. Concept note form Round 2.2020
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Concept note evaluation criteria table
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Information of calling for concept note Round 2.2020
Concept Note Form Round 2.2020
Frequently Asked Questions
Concept Note Evaluation Criteria Table
The content will be coming soon.
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Each year, the Gap Program will conduct training / capacity building activities for non-profit organizations with many useful topics, supporting the project proposal preparation process. However, because the COVID-19 epidemic is having complicated developments, organizing training / sharing activities cannot take place as planned.

Therefore, in order to assist organizations to prepare documents for the 2nd grant grant, the Narrow The Gap would like to share some documents for reference as following. We hope these documents will be useful to organizations:
- Rapid participatory community evaluation method (PRA) - By: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duc Loc
- Building and developing a framework for community project Logic frame - By: MA Tong Thi Huong
- Skill to share the project's impact story and beneficiaries' changes - By: Doan Bao Chau

Note: The copyrights of the above materials belong to the Authors and are shared within the framework of Narrow The Gap Round 2.2020. Please respect the copyright, and use or cite the content in these materials for purposes other than for information purposes only with the permission of the Author.
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Reference: Project story telling by Doan Bao Chau
Reference: Participatory Rural Appraisal Method by Ph.D Nguyen Duc Loc
Reference: Logic frame for community projects by Master Tong Thi Huong